Monday, April 16, 2012

eXtreme 4-12

It's been some time since I laid ol' barnacle on some tarmac.  Over the weekend, instead of heading to Long Beach Ca. to watch Indy cars.  I decided to head out to Streets of Willow for some fun.

The organizer was eXtreme Speed track events.  This was my first time going to one of their events.  Actually it's first time i've been to an open track event, since I mainly attend drift events.

There was excitement in the air since it's going to barney's semi first outing since 2010.  I tried last year, but barney was acting up and didn't have my laptop to correct the problem. 

Unfortunately, Mr. Murphy has done it again.  On my first session, the was running fantastic.  I stuck with street tires for the time being to get the feel of the car and do a final break in.  I was have a great time, but as I got into it, I notice the car running lean.  I tried to get on it a couple of times, but it just kept going lean.  This was not good.

Once my session was over, I went over to grab the laptop.  Didn't forget it this time.  But I left the serial port to USB converter.  Just my luck.    I didn't want to take anymore chances, so my day was over.

Though I did take photos like a usually like to do in between session.

Don't see too many of these
It must have been built in '86
Do want one.
Fleeing from Mr. Turbo
After the event, I went here.  That'll be on another post.

But the rest of the photos are here.
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