Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter weekend Formula D

Thought I was going to spend a quiet Easter weekend at home.  Maybe working on some projects that I've been neglecting.  But ended up in Long Beach for Formula D.  The weather was spectacular and the smoke was extra thick.

 The event was sold out, but I manage to obtain a ticket that placed me under the grandstand.  It blocked the sun rays and kept me from looking like burnt toast.

Very cool hat
 I tried looking around for people I know, but ended surrounded by chinese people on my left, Odi Bakchis fan club on my right and homies lighting up a big fat one in the rear.  And it wasn't tire smoke I was inhaling.

The Scion FRS making it's first motorsport appearance in America.  It was definitely looking like they will be a championship contender this year.  Kudos for Ken G. and Team Greddy for making a strong showing on it's on maiden voyage.

A clip I took at the event.  Doesn't it look awesome driving?

This event is also the rookie start for D1 champion Daigo Saito.  For those who don't know, he's one of the most exciting drivers to watch.

drifting at high angles

and semi dukes of hazard drift.  He didn't do any of that at Long Beach, very disappointed.

Though he did give a Tyler M. a little tap.

Joon Maeng, bringing the Easter spirit to the fans, he is one of the friendliest driver's on the Formula D roster. 

Ford Mustang driven by Justin Pawluk.  At the end of the day he would take home the win.  Congratulations.

The original 86, driven by Taka A. disappointed that he got eliminated, so I didn't get to seem him run.  But not surprising is that he went a different engine this season, from what I hear the motor setup is wicked.  
 Didn't really cruise the car show portion, but I did get a glimpse of the Rauh Welt Porsche.  Never seen up close before.  A very interesting build. But does it truely have street cred?

It was an quite the enjoyable weekend.  Meeting with old friends I rarely see anymore, and chatting about old war stories.  The sport has really change a lot since it's early days, when it was just a bunch of enthusiasts out to have a bit of fun.
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