Tuesday, April 17, 2012

AE86 nights, moving forward

Those ceiling fans are humongous
 After my less than stellar track day.  I cleaned up and headed out to Longo Toyota, for the 5th anniversary of AE86 Nights.  It was on the way home anyways.

I was a wasn't too sure about parking the rig since I didn't know if Longo had the parking area available.  Calling a friend before arrived, I assured it was o.k.  I apologize to the Supra guy who's parking space I took.

I'm amazed at how big the event has been growing.  Finally out growing it's shopping plaza parking lot and moving into a gargantuan parking area at the Toyota dealership.  How awesome is that.  What's even more cooling is the staff at Longo having the Subway and Starbucks open later just to accommodate the visitors at the event, my hats off to you.

Lots of cool goodies up for sale.  Reminds of pics I see of the events in Japan.  

 I can't help but be jealous.  It's got all it's wheel caps.

Wondering why they were parked in the main area.

I gotta give the owner of this car lots respect.  Not only did he got his jollies off at willow springs, using Doral tires.  He even came by the meet for show time.

If I was dreaming of an 86 world, this would be it.

There lots of stunningly beautiful cars that night, i'd have to put my vote for either of these.  It was hard to choose.


What I notice on 8/6 day.  Socal really doesn't do much for AE86.  But on a night in April, they gather from many places to meet at one spot to enjoy AE86.  It's kinda odd, but totally socal. 

Thanks to AE86 Nights, Longo Toyota, and the others who put up such a splendid event.

The rest of the pics are here.
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