Monday, March 5, 2012

Bigger is Better by NST

Received a package by super coupe's owner.  Since he is running a 4AGZE under the hood and wanting just a little bit more power.  The best route to create that power is to get a bigger pulley.  But what pulley should he run?  The biggest one you can get your hands.  Enter the NST pulley set for 4AGZE.

Never having seen a NST kit up close, I was caught complete taken by surprise by the massive size of the kit.  The largest pulley I had my hands on was a kit from Japan made by TBS.  I forget the size but I can assure you that the kit by NST surpasses it easily.  I think a pulley by E.L. Prototypes probably came close to this kit but not by much.

In comparison with the HKS pulley (left) I had laying in the back and a stock (right).

As gargantuan as this pulley looks, the weight is next to nothing.

The HKS weighs close to 8 lbs on the bathroom scale.  Had to use the postal scale since it only weighs up to 5 lbs.  The weight of all the NST components still weighs less than the HKS pulley, Jenny Craig would be proud.

The kit came with everything necessary to complete the installation.  Since I had everything all out of the bay.  It made everything much easier to install.

Being the biggest pulley this side of the mississippi, notice the pulleys run really close to each other.  Make sure to keep fingers and loose items away. 

 All done and ready to do battle.  Well maybe not just yet.  Too many other things to fix before it can go out on it's maiden voyage.  And what a voyage it will be.

If you wanna be cool like super coupe, then drop by the website and buy their kit.
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Anonymous said...

Hi there - interesting to read about the NST pulley - what actual size is it and what boost will it give? I have a supercharged mk1 MR2 and am doing some light tuning / mods (want to keep it very original) - is there any chance you still have the old HKS pulley and would be willing to sell it?
I'm not quite sure how to post on this blog, but you can contact me at:
Many thanks, Shane.