Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Burning some oil

Coming across a Mercedes diesels was always rare for me, with it's distinct sound emanating from it's exhaust under the hood to the distinct smell of burning diesel.  I remember they were slower than molasses on a frigid winter morning.  Few days ago a diesel Merc' stopped by for a visit.  But it was just passing through. 

A high mileage '82 Mercedes 300D turbo diesel happen to stay for a few days, before being dropped off to it's owner.  After seeing one up close and personal, I seem to gain a childish fascination for them.  I would definitely like to convert one to veggie oil.  Who wouldn't want the smell of fries in the morning.

Even though it's at almost half a million miles, these engines are touted as being supremely reliable and able to go another half a million.  That maybe the case, I wonder if the rest of the car can hold out that long?

This is a 2 owner car, but was in the same family since new.  According to the previous owner, it was bought brand new with European delivery.  Meaning that the new owners (his parents) flew to Germany and picked it up from the plant.  Once delivery was taken the new owners toured all of Europe with the car.  Killing two birds with one stone.

But before disembarking for the good 'ol U.S.A, it was fitted with a few European bits.  Like these headlamps.  The normal lights would be those 2 round eye on each side.  This guy was into EDM (Euro Domestic Market) even before it was considered cool.

Even though this car is about to be 30 years old.  Its still is slow as molasses in a frigid winter morning.  But the ride itself still feels solid.  There just faint noises coming from the chassis and but the ride is smooth as butter.  Probably due to the diligent maintenance on the part of it's owner, but also to awesomeness from the folks at Mercedes Benz.

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