Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Alternator mount make over

Since deep blue is still on the premises, the owner requested the oem power steering setup to be installed.  But before that could be done, I needed to redo the alternator bracket.   This is how it arrived.  It utilized a modified AE92 4AGZE bracket, a couple of bolts, some aluminum square tube and a stack of washers.  The washers were used to adjust the tension.  Now that the power steering setup will be added, the alternator will be solid mount.

Found some metal in the parts bin, so let the welding begin. 

Bending the tubing was really difficult.  Since I don't have a tubing bender, I used another technique to achieve the bend I needed.  Made small cuts into the tube and bend until fit.

Making small adjustments and finish by welding the cuts closed.

The welds looked really ugly so I ground them down smooth.  It almost looks like the tube is actually custom bent.  Added shiny black paint so it won't rust.

Test mounted on the 7AG motor I have stored in the back.  Nice to have a spare block mount this stuff, so I can tweak with as necessary.  Definitely beats working on it in the engine bay.  No more back aches.

Here is the final product installed in the car.  Even though it's not pictured, the power steering lines will need to massaged to fit with the back of the alternator. 

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