Thursday, December 30, 2010

2010 Review


Now it's time to reflect back as another year comes to a close.

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The first event of 2010 was a team tandem competition at Buttonwillow.  It's been so long since I actually went drifting at Buttonwillow.  Beat the living day lights out of the bumper (later it had to be put down).  Since there wasn't any Socal corolla people willing to compete, I joined a group of Norcal corolla pilots.  Can't say I did my best, but I did have alot of fun.

photo by Mike G. @ Speedhunters
Another long hiatus was drifting at Streets of Willow during All Star Bash on July 4th weekend.  This is one of my favorite tracks to drift.  The last time I went drifting at the track was 2003.  I tried making the event last year but went bust instead.  This year was the year.  It felt like old times, this time with double the horsepower, definitely much more fun.

photo by Joey L. @ Octane Report
Last event for the year was AE86 Grip Day, may as well call it the AE86 Matsuri Socal edition.  I didn't bring the french lilac terror since I had blown the engine at the previous event, don't worry once I get off my butt i'll get it up an running again.  Though I did borrow white lightning.  Rocked the Dale Earnhardt old school NASCAR look.  I have to say that driving normally aspirated powered car again was alot of fun.  I may consider building one again.

Just like last year, '10 was a bit on the lean side when it came to event participation.  But this year was going to be a journey to the pinnacle of open wheel racing.  This year the Canadian Grand Prix was on the schedule for this year.  After missing my chance to go in 2007 and Canada being off the grid in 2009, definitely didn't want to miss.  It definitely did not disappoint, watching a Formula 1 race is definitely a must do for any racing enthusiast. 

Until then, have a safe new year and see you on track.  Maybe...
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