Monday, October 26, 2009

This month...

10 years ago I bought a Toyota Corolla GT-S. An 85 Zenki hatchback. I didn't think i'd own this car for that long, but man what a history. It's gone through a few minor changes since over the years, but in the end I returned it back to it's former glory. Bought it in October of '99. It was completely stock and everything worked even the A/C. My intentions were never to build a crazy car since I was working in an industry where I put together cars from silly engine swaps to psycho engine builds.

Autox Hollywood park. A first taste of performance driving and the beginning of a another era.

At the time I had a RX-3 that was setup more towards straight line battle. So I didn't care about hp. Since I started to find the straight line more and more boring. My goal was to learn performance driving. At a shop I worked at, I had met Moto of Club4AG fame with his supercharged Corolla he swayed me towards the Corolla. Wasn't really interested in Corollas at the time. I had my sights set on getting a S30 240Z . I still thought the Z was cooler than the Corolla, but the Corolla was so easy to work on. And they were cheaper and easier to find than a Z. Sure I probably could have campaigned the 3. Since the national champion was also piloting an RX-3. I figured it would be easier to find parts I needed for the Corolla than the 3.

Autox Hollywood park late 90's

I've met many enthusiasts throughout the years, most of the early owners have gone on to different things. There's a few I talk to who are still in the game after all these years.

The car has faithfully served it's master and it's taken him to different levels.

Photo by Moto @ club4ag
Learning to drift at Streets of Willow

Drift Tengoku v.14. And yes those are Hoshino Impuls

Competing in the very first Ikaten in the states.

Trying out at the RSR drift festival.

Since then i've acquired another Corolla to do battle pictured above, and retired the other one from active duty. Few old schoolers i haven't seen in a while thgought this was the first car and were saddened I beat the crap out of it. Until I let them know that's not the case.

After 10 years of ownership what's left? I've grown too attached to the car, but my old ass needs something that's more comfortable.

I still get notes or get stopped by people who are interested in the car. But can I really part with my little piece of history? Who knows....

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