Wednesday, June 18, 2008

One Weekend

In three days I pulled the motor, slap together another one and dropped it. All while working my regular day job Monday – Friday and my second day job on Saturday. The only way I can even afford to participate in this expensive hobby. I even made time to give praise to the man up stairs. That’s church for all you atheists out there. So maybe it’s about 2 full days of work. I can’t say it’s a great motor, it’s just something I scraped together. Don’t ask specs cause you may just cringe. But for people who know the specs on the past motor, well this one is worse than that.

Probably the only redeeming thing about this motor is I used the made in Mexico TRD timing belt. Cause it’s hella stronger than stock and so all the Mexicans and Filipinos can jock the TRD. The life expectancy for this pile is probably 6 months. I’m just falling down the 4AG totem pole. But no matter, I’ll get it running with whatever parts I find.

As for the previous motor, here’s what it looks like. As I expected, number 1 and 4 cylinders were toast. “Catastrophic engine failure” as that guy from Pinks would say. It’s sad to see it go, but it lasted longer than I expected for an engine I just slapped together. BTW it lasted about a year and a half of hard track and drift days each month. No need for high dollar stuff here, when factory stuff works fine for what I do. For an engine that I actually was expecting to last no more than six months, this isn’t bad at all. I underestimated myself and the strengths of Toyota motors.

I only have one pic which was the pretty much when everything was already installed and I was taking a breather. I was busy just trying to get everything done this weekend. And wasn’t sure if I was going to finish on time. I’m busy during the week, 19-20 hour days sometimes, so I don’t have much time to work on it. But everything dropped in smoothly that it probably took ~ 2 hours to have everything running. So far it’s not bad, a bit on the smokey side, but that’s more points for them smokey drifts. Drives a bit strange, may be I’m not used to it. Who cares Utah here we come!

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