Sunday, June 22, 2008

Last Chance

The last weekend to prep before Utah. I took the day off from my second job to take care of the maintenance for all the vehicles. And made some final adjustments on the car before Utah.
Picked up some tires from City Tire if you are in so cal, consider yourself lucky, a shop like this which caters to the drift community. For the larger events, they even bring out a truck and trailer equipped with tires and mounting equipment. If you can't bring enough tires to an event, pre order from them and they'll bring them out to you. Wow, that's service.

Just like an assembly line I did the maintenance on all the vehicles in the fleet. It really doesn't help when it's +90 deg out side and sweating like crazy. I want a bigger garage.

The oil I use for all vehicles. Motorcraft for the Ford, cause it's specifically blended for the Ford. Eventually, like all the other vehcles in the fleet, i'll be transitioning over to Rotella T, to make things less complicated.
Being a blistering hot weekend, just made things really difficult. By the end of the day my eyes felt like crap, I don't know if it was cause the sweat was running into my eyes or cause it was so bright out. But the neighbor had a nice bbq at the end of the day which made things much more nicer with an ice cold beer.

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