Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Not surprised.

In the process of getting the cage installed.  I took upon myself to remove the windshield.  Since it was already cracked I didn’t have to be extra careful during it’s removal.  But all that didn’t matter since whoever installed did a pretty shoddy job.  The end result was a tremendous amount of rust that accumulated in the windshield channel.  But I'm not surprised with all other shoddy work the previous owner(s) had performed on the car.
Unfortunately I wasn’t blessed with surface rust that could be easily fixed.  This is more of the bad scenario of the rust wreaking havoc and going right through the sheet.  I already began the process of remove the sections of  cancer for the roof panel.
I am by  no means much of a panel beater, but I wasn’t going to take something like this to a body shop since it was strictly for off road use anyways.  About 75% of the windshield  channel was cover in rust.  But after after wire brushing and treating the rust, I decided to take out only the worst sections of  metal rather than all. 
Luckily I still have bits of sheet metal from barney available for repurposing.  After some trimming it turned out to be a good fit.
Tacking in the bits together.

Then a little bit of grinding to smooth things out.

Then some paint and hopefully the cancer will not return.   
After being side tracked,  I began to think why not just replace a carbon fiber roof.

Found out a shop in Japan called Impulse makes a nice piece but at ~$2000, it’s a top quality piece.  Though it’s way out there in price.  I did find cheaper versions but I question it’s fitment since roof replacement may take a bit of massaging to make things right.  Another thing to consider is if I decide to take this club racing, I'm sure these won’t be legal.  But then it ain’t cheating until you get caught.

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