Monday, April 17, 2017

Code 6


Not too long ago, Grey Poupon decides to drop a diagnostic light bomb.  Even though the car is operationally sound,  the check engine light stares me down taunting me.  It must know that smog season is coming up and wishes to antagonize me.  Utilizing the special service tool, aka paper clip, to pull the code from the ECU, the blinking lights inform me that I have an ignition signal issue.  Grey never had issues like this before, usually it’s cars that come by the cave that have this issue.  It usually ends up with me replacing harnesses and/or distributors.  But just when I was going to replace the distributor with a spare in the back, I find out the definitive cause of code 6.  Fortunately, didn’t have to replace anything just soldered everything back together and now everything is good.

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