Sunday, March 26, 2017

Tomodachi 86

Like the ground hog emerging from it’s underground lair to scout the surroundings.  I came out and headed to Chino Hills for what small meet.  Couple of the AE86 heads gathered for a meet and greet with an AE86 driver from the land of the rising sun.

Meet Takashi Hiroshi, mad 86 driver from Japan.  He’s been around the Corollas for quite sometime and if you’re really into the AE86 you will have seen his work.

Just in case you still don’t know, here’s a snippet of what he does.

There were a couple of Corollas spread out everywhere, but I was most interested in the Bosozoku and Kaido racer style vehicles that showed up. 

Old school Suzuki all done up .

Something that’s super rare,  70’s Mazda Cosmo.  Also know as RX5, this rotary gem is never gained much love unlike it’s other siblings.  So it was a real treat to see one of these still romping around and not sitting at a yard waiting to get crushed.

It’s joined by a friend, an early Toyota Cressida.  It’s also been subjected to some crazy mods.  Notice the exhaust pipes poking out of the hood.

Speaking of exhaust pipes,


And the other pics are here.

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