Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Sitting in the back


Graystone had a few different suspensions over the years, but has been using the stock setup for the past few years.  Since i still had a couple of  inserts when the corolla was doing double duty on the track and the street, sitting in the back shelf collecting dust.  I thought may as well put it to good use.



Some of you may know, one of my favorite dual purpose shock is Koni.  I’ve tried quite a few brands that fit in the stock housing and my bum has always told me that Koni was best for either daily driving, to open track sessions.  I tried both yellow and reds, but for some reason I could only find the yellow.  I prefer the red since it’s much smoother riding on some of the crappy california roads.  But I’ll use these for now until I find the red.


I did consider using some GAB gymkhanas, but they’re a bit more aggressive and really didn’t want a bumpy ride for my day to day excursions.


I tried to fit the the Koni rear shocks, but they just came up short in the fitment, so i’ll need to revert back to stock for now.



After a quick delivery, I’m pretty satisfied with the results.  No more floating front end and super extreme front end dive from ultra hyper braking.  Even though i’m using the stock rears, they’re not too bad, but an upgrade will help plant rear in the corners.

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