Tuesday, May 10, 2016

An odd night

AE86 nights_04-16-16_00

This setting, reminds me of a movie I once saw on TV.  Though the cars here are in rougher shape and style, than what I saw in the movie.  Don’t expect Bow Wow is going to cruise by in his bB. 


AE86 nights where most things corolla make their annual pilgrimmage.  The last time I was here, it was held near Longo Toyota’s service entrance.  Now it’s held in their parking structure.  Very different but interesting. 


AE86 nights_04-16-16_21

Haven’t really kept up with the automotive scene as of lately, so I’m like a tourist trying to understand the latest fashion.   So is adding these types stickers a new thing? 

AE86 nights_04-16-16_19

Years ago it was about representing the club/teamweather it be fo’ sho’ and race, yeah really did both.  Just like in the movies. Or the uber cool parts manufactuer, cause that’s all they can afford.

AE86 nights_04-16-16_20

Team Hella flush hentai.

AE86 nights_04-16-16_03

Corvette style wheels on an MK1 MR2.  For some reason, i’m digging it.  It’s not an LS motor but i’ll do.

AE86 nights_04-16-16_25

Moar sticka, it seems to be the theme for this event.

AE86 nights_04-16-16_16

Reminds me of the JGTC AE86 years ago.  Was this a kit or custom made?

AE86 nights_04-16-16_17

Owners come in all ages.  But most only last a few years before they realize it’s ruining their lives.

AE86 nights_04-16-16_14

As usual, it’s good to see old friends who still have a genuine passion for the AE86.  Kudos for keeping this meet going.  Maybe when I stop being lazy picky, i’ll get another corolla in the stable.  I think next years sticker should probably say’ fanboys ruining corollas’ and show the same pic. 

AE86 nights_04-16-16_08

Until then mooowaaa stiiiikkkaaaa. 

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