Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Turf and Tarmac

More like wet and cold

Some say trouble comes in threes.  Others may look at it as third time’s the charm.  For me I got the latter.  After failing 2 times to attend another F1 event, since my last one in 2012.  It took me a third try to get it right.  It was an austin trip to remember.

It's changed quite a bit since I was last here

The first thing to do when you land is go to your favorite BBQ joint.  Found this joint by accident my first trip out to Austin.  It’s changed quite a bit since 2012.  But the brisket is still yummy.


The next thing to do is prepare the Formula 1 festivities.  Even though the weather called for rain, that wasn’t going to put a downer on the event.  Being an enthusiast from southern california, events in the rain are non existant.  I participated in 2 wet track days and never seen a race in rain conditions.  So this was going to be a treat since this will equalize the cars to make for an exciting race.   But you all know how that all ended.

USGP 2015

But before the race, watching practice and qualify made for some awesome viewing.  With cars flinging water high up into the air.

USGP 2015

This was also the first time to hear the sound of the mighty turbo v6 motors.  Or the lack thereof.  Luckily the masters historic race provided some awesome sounds to make up for it.  Unfortunately, the heavy rains during race resulted in a red flag and cutting their race short. 

USGP 2015

If you’re a big Porsche fan, there was also a Supercup race tossed into the mix.

Heavy downpour

This was how I saw most of the weekend.


But the race ended up being a dry enough for Hamilton and Mercedes to take the win.  Congrats to Lewis Hamilton on this 3rd world championship.

Hamilton's donut

Finally got to walk the track!  The inaugural year, they didn’t open the track to the spectators.  Which was strange since it’s usual tradition at the F1 venues.  The upper management probably didn’t get the memo at the time.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t any pieces of carbon fiber to scavenge for a souvenir.  Though I was able to check Hamilton’s victory donut.

snack at Franklin's

What better way to end this Austin trip, by grabbing snack at Franklin’s BBQ. 

United States Grand Prix 2015

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