Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Topak 2015

A brisk friday in late March brought me out to Streets of Willow for another Team Topak track day.  The last time I drove with this group was in 2013, sigh can't believe it's like 2 years ago.  Even though I was more of a spectator/observer this time around, they do put on great events.  I think i'll need to start renting a car or something to get back into it.

 Probably didn't get the memo that this wasn't a meet.  But then again I wouldn't want some rookies tagging this rare beast.

 Quite a few cars were covered up with painters tape.  So when it comes time to sell, there won't be any scars of it's past showing up.

 Always love the Mazda RX7.  Such a beautiful car.

 Though it's more common to see the Honda S2000 and the Mazda Miata on track, it's cool to see a convertible Nissan 240SX.

 The only TE corolla out on track that day.  Looking like a boss.

 A super quick Datsun Fairlady.  Powered by a Honda S2000 motor.  Definitely one of my favorites of the day.,

 I haven't no clue why he's looking away from the road.

And the rest.

Even though I didn't drive, I still enjoyed days watching people break their cars, and try to out do each other for bragging rights.

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