Tuesday, April 28, 2015

AE86 Club Nights

On a chilly night in April, on the Longo Toyota back parking lot.  The not so secretive members of AE86 Fight Club, the old and graying Club4AG members and the nocturnal members of AE86 nights, get together for it's annual meet.  Where all things corolla happen.

 Because old corolla.

 Whether at the meet or on the track, this guy rolls in like a super boss.

 Silver wedges. 
 4AG in it's simplest form.  Just can't go wrong with it.

 Stock corollas are becoming an endagered species.

 No the turbo wasn't $20.00.

 Red vs. Blue.

 Always got a soft spot for them silver hatchbacks.

 Never seen them on track.  Must a secret canyon group.

Before leaving I picked up a t shirt to show support for the gang who go out of their way to put this together every year.  Even picked up a mandalore t shirt from the Star Wars Celebration.  Yeah it was a good day. 

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