Monday, June 9, 2014


I don't normally work on Porsche s, but when I do, I make them pay a lot.

 The 911 is one of those cars I'd really like to own one day.  But what really holds me back from actually owning one, is not working on them.  It's the cost of the parts to maintain them.  And if you know me, I'm not one to baby/park my vehicles.

 So a car comes in with a passenger side window not going up and down properly.  I suspected the window regulator was at fault.  Since the window can't go down properly, the convertible top doesn't operate.  Which is a no no in southern California.

 Upon dis-assembly I can now see what happened.  The plastic wheel guide hidden behind the bracket had broke and the cable let loose. No point repairing, it's time to replace.

Ordered up a new one from Pelican Parts, since they're close by, it was delivered fast.   Can you believe this is almost $300.  But I got a genuine Porsche part if that makes a difference.  No made in China here.  I decided to see how much one was for one of my vehicles and it came out to $50.  But then again, it ain't a Porsche.

The replacement was pretty straight forward.  Though I had to redo it because this regulator is made for boxsters and 911s.  The stopper shown above is for boxters and must be removed when used in a 911.  Wish I had known earlier, but lesson learned.

Everything now works perfect.  Just in time to cruise for chicks.

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