Monday, June 23, 2014

Farewell Red Lion

It's been about a year since Red Lion showed up on my door step.  Incomplete and needing little bit of TLC.  But now the work is complete and the owner is now ready for it's return.  It'll be missed, but now this gives me some space for another project.

It's owner lives in the Las Vegas and wasn't able to secure proper transport across state lines.  Since I'm not busy, it's a good excuse to take a road trip to sin city.

 I had to make a close encounter of the jerky kind.

Finally arrived at it's new den.  With the car off the trailer, the owner took it for a spin.  Very satisfied.

 Red Lion getting acquainted in it's new lair.  Unfortunately the lair was about 107 deg.  Can't wait to get back to Los Angeles' 80 deg weather.

Just a few more adjustments and it will terrorizing the local autocross scene, maybe it should be renamed the red terror.  It should be a force to be reckoned, since the owner being a champion hot shoe

Just what i need after a long trip in this hot weather, beer, sake, poke, and sushi.  That really hit the spot. yum. 


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