Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Recycle broke wheels

I normally don't try and break wheels, but since it's cheap stuff from across the pond, worry about.  But what to do with them if they do break.  Usually throw in the thrash or sell for scrap.  At least for the now, I've found some uses around the garage.

The garage is always accumulating lots metal than I know what to do with, I thought building a bench grinder be a quick fun project.

I don't know why I cut this into 4 pieces.  Should have just cut 2 longer piece and be done with it.  Oh well.  Added some old AE86 wheel studs i've been saving in the treasure chest for no real reason.

It's starting to look like a base now.

Scrounged for some scrap wood, since I didn't have a piece of metal large enough to attach the bench grinder.

Some scrap exhaust flange will be the used to mount the wooden base.  I think it was a Honda exhaust system in it's previous life.

I decided to make the grinder base detachable, thinking that I may create attachments for other accessories (yeah right).  Luckily, broken Taiwan tool get a second life as a lock handle. 

After a couple hours it's all done.  I probably could have bought and assembled a harbor freight kit in less time.  But having custom made stuff rules.

Another simple use to busted up wheels, is an axle holder.   Definitely makes it much easier to move and store.

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