Sunday, April 6, 2014

Fd long beach


It's about 6a.m. on a Friday morning.  Just hopped off the train in Long Beach Ca. It's cold, and i'm hungry.  Jumped over the fence into the Formula d pit area (not a good thing).  Searching for Taka's pit spot. What the hell was I thinking?

Green tea flavored sweets.
I'll be providing pit support for Taka for the first round of Formula d.  Tempting me with some delicious J snacks will always get on my good side.  He also helped out with getting a part to finish a build I was working on, at the cave.  Anyways I haven't really followed Fd for sometime so at least I can see the changes for this year. 

 Since it was early and I wouldn't really doing much except sitting around for most of the morning.  It's chance to take a look at other cars in the pits.  It was pretty much V8 with (insert chassis here).

 I wish my garage was as organized as the teams trailer.

 I totally dig this Toyota Chaser.  You don't need to ask about the power plant, remember it's Formula d

Clean and simple S13.  I like it.

Maybe not so simple.

For some reason i'm reminded of the game Tempest.  It's an old game you probably don't know it.

 The coolest V8 in the pits.  Just my opinion.

 You can't forget the obligatory show cars.  Stance baby.

 By the end of practice, the clutch decided to give up.  It must have known I was on the premises.  So now I gotta work for my J snacks.  We got it changed and ready in time for qualify, but lightning struck again and plagued the team with electrical gremlin which couldn't be fixed so qualify had to be forfeited. 

This was pretty much the view for the rest of the day.  Especially when there was high hopes for good result.  Hopefully next round things will improve.  Fighting!!

Oh, If you haven't seen it, check out his documentary by Johnny M.

PRIVATEER: Taka Aono + The Flying 86 [Documentary] from Flying Boy Films on Vimeo.

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