Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Long time Red Velvet

 It's been a while since I last updated the little Toyota Starlet aka Red Velvet.  But with the holidays and work, I just didn't have much time.  But recently I just received a boat load of time.  What better way to spend it.

I had partially gotten most of the clutch hydraulics completed last time.  But I wasn't completely satisfied of the results.  So I decided to redo it.  Sure it's more time involved, but like people with OCD, it needs to be done until I'm content with the results.

The main reason for the redo, is the setup is running an SR5 bellhousing, which runs the the clutch slave near the exhaust.  Rather than having the hard line plumbed into the engine bay like previous.  I saw it best to run it around the fender well.

 Now the the soft line avoids the exhaust manifold and doesn't have an aggressive and bend unlike the previous setup.  OCD has been satisfied.  I left the heat shield wrap from the previous setup.  It'd be waste if I were to throw it out.

 Next on the list was the clutch pedal mount.  I'm not sure where they got this one, but it only attached to the bulkhead.  I always notice people only mounting the bulkhead portion of the bracket.  This will only flex every time the clutch is depressed.  The may lead to the crunching of gears due to incomplete clutch disengagement.
 I checked in the back for some scrap sheet metal, did some metal work and came up with this piece.  Sure it's not perfect, but it just needs to be functional.  If you notice, my OCD is more for functionality rather than a fashion statement.

 Add some paint and rivets and we got a solid clutch pedal mount.

Wired in the cooling fan relay.

Pressed in new bearings and old wheel studs to the axle.  I also flattened out the bend up mounting plate I received earlier.

Red velvet is really coming close to becoming reality.  Just a few more things will need to be done before it's ready for the road.
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