Sunday, February 9, 2014

Bad cap

 The problem with the 4AG is the different variations they come from the factory.  Even though the parts are swappable, owners need to be aware of the replacements and check what version the part came from. 

A car came in running a tad crappy.  Upon inspection, I find the center terminal is worn out.  The 4AGE was of the RWD variety, but was equipped with a distributor from an MR2.  What cause the above problem, was the rotor installed in the distributor was for RWD cars.  The rotor for the MR2 is shorter.  The mismatch of the cap and rotor created a big gap in the center terminal and rotor.  So you end up with a lot electrical arcing, which resulted in a bad running car and money in my pocket.  That's why always match up the old parts with the new parts to make sure they're correct.

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