Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Comikaze

After attending the Wonder Con in Anaheim a year ago.  I've been fascinated with these comic conventions.  Someday i'd like to check out Comic Con one of these days, but those are so popular, tickets seller faster than my reflexes.  So I go to smaller events like this Comikaze Expo.

First thing I see is Weird Al Yankovic greeting me as I enter.  Actually just caught the last few minutes of his interview.

There was a vintage video game booth with early gaming systems on display.  There were even some that you can play.  Didn't except stuff like that here, but definitely cool too see.

Gaming in the 80's.  I remember having one of these.  Even came with the big vacuum tube tv, for a period correct feel.

 The girls of kill bill.  A school girl and a pirate.

King size Voltron. I love that show, and I watch it on Hulu.  No i'm not their spokesman.

This is what the powerpuff girls look like all grown up.

A replica ECTO 1.

What I enjoy most about these conventions, is that it reminds me stuff I had, what I wanted, and what I never could get when growing up.  It's cool I can see this stuff again.

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