Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Friday track day

Barney for the most part has been more of a hibernating bear than an attack bear.  Once a year I take him out for a few laps to get the juices flowing before he goes back into hibernation mode.  A few weeks back a friend invited me out to streets of willow for some Friday event.  Since it was almost the end of the year I figure it was time to wake up barney.

My assumption that it was going to be a small private event, since not many people can make it out on a Friday.  I was wrong, it was part of a Nissan Sentra/ SR20 owners club meet.  So quite a few cars showed up.

Kevin, Cedu and Steve were out with their corollas to have a some fun.  Unfortunately, Cedu's day ended in a thrashed transmission and tow home.  But like a true corolla owner, he had spare at home.  I had my own problems with things falling off and hoses springing leaks.  Yeah it's stuff I should have taken care.  That's what i get for not doing prep work.

 U.N. Spacy helmet from Macross and Asuka from Evangelion.  Because anime runs his life.

During the sessions out on track, I kept fighting with the car trying to keep it in line.  I guess it's been so since i've been at a grip event that I couldn't develop a smooth rythm. 

 Most of the day the car was in drift mode, it just kept begging me to kick the tail out.  I figured it was the R comps were getting a bit dodgy, so the grip wasn't as good as when they were new.  But I saw this and thought may be it's time to get build a spoiler.

 Dogs and track days seem to be a common thing nowadays.  Like crying babies on airplanes.

 But I think the problem driving, was my lack of concentration.  That's my excuse and i'm sticking to it.

 Overall it was a fantastic day at the track.  Spaghetti & chicken for lunch, girls to distract me, and lateral g's to thrash me, what more can I ask for.  Now it's time to put barney back into hibernation mode for the winter until the next track day.

For the rest of the photos here.
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