Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Suburban barn find

About a few weeks back I was contacted for another project from the depths of hell, also known as San Gabriel valley.  Owner has lost interest to complete the project just wants it up and running.  I guess that's what happens when life starts to catch up and young lads needing to grow up real quick.  

Upon arrival at the location I did a quick inspection of the latest project.  Inside the car I see a rat has made his home in the car, yes lots of poo strewn about everywhere.  I'm already wondering what I got myself into.  First i'll need to do is hit the local car wash a to spray down and vacuum up all the rat poo.

It's also covered in lots of spider webs.  I don't know what species, and I don't want to find out.  I'll need launch a bug bomb to kill what's left inside.  It's got the cool Nardi tiller, the owner claims to be pinoy, but since it's not TRD i'm doubting his claim.

But of course there's the authentic TOM'S sticker to remind what gear goes where.  That more than makes up for the non TRD wheel
Still looks gross.

Dragging out from it's den was a real tough fight.  Due to it having a flat tire and not having been moved since 2006.

Probably by now, some of you probably figured out what it is, but if you haven't the photo above should spell it out for you.  So for the next few weekends i'll be going over this tiny car at the goose den.  Even though i'm not a real fan of Toyota Starlets.  Due to the pinoy lineage, i'm drawn to it and can never escape it.

Doing a couple of 4AG starlets back in the shop days, I again reunited with another headache.  But then again, I do believe this pair makes a very good combination.

After watching this, makes think about building one myself.

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