Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Mega assembly

 It's taken me awhile but after a couple of nights soldering and a few hours of reading, the megasquirt brain has come to life. 

The kit itself was quite fun to put together. though it wasn't challenging as I thought it would be.    The online step by step directions really helped in gettinng things together.  Even though I took a couple of nights to put this together, spending a few minutes each night soldering.  I would say this kit can quickly put together in a couple hours. 

 And each little baggy is marked on where to solder each electronic bits on to the circuit board.  In other words it's nearly idiot proof.  Take note that on the directions, the soldering of the ignition components are left until the end so the user can decide what type of system to use.  Since I i'm running the factory system I just needed to add one more resistor.

In this little pink bag, magic happens.  Actually it's the true brains of the system.

It's plugged in, but not quite ready to go.  It sure does look spiffy.

The latest firmware must be burned into the chip, before anything else can be done.  Or you'll have a useless mega zombie.  The info on the diy site, is dated so get the firmware and installation instructions from the megasquirt site.

Here's a comparison of the old factory unit beside the huskier looking megasquirt diy.  It's kinda like comparing the original nintendo, with the nintendo wii.  It's a bit bigger than factory, I wonder if it'll fit in the stock location? 

All that's left to do is attach the covers, now it's ready to be installed into the goose.

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