Monday, January 28, 2013

Monsoon projects

During these rare monsoon seasons  weekends in california.  All work on the 4 wheeled beasts are put on hold.  But at least it gives me a chance to try out some small projects.  Especially since I have lots of spare metal and an itty bitty welder to have a little fun with.

Cut up a couple a pieces of spare metal.

Add alot of shiny red paint to hide all the crappy welds.

Now I have a pretty little holder to organize the grease gun.  So now I won't be tripping over it.

With the success of the grease hold, let's try some sheet metal.

Cut, bend and paint (to hide all the crappy welds).

Now I have a place to put my box of gloves.  So now I won't keep misplacing it.

Oh the fun things that can be made with metal.  I'll need to think up new things to make on the next rainy day.
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