Friday, November 16, 2012

It's who you know

When a friend of a friend who has a relation to Scuderia Ferrari you get to take a quick look at the inner workings of  F1.  I've been super ridiculously fortunate to be one who had the opportunity to see the inside.

Behind the garages many working after hours.  In the racing world this is like area 51, lots of security

A rare Ferrari tour it ruled.  So much information exchanged here.  The guy in the blue suit is not a Red Bull infilitrator, but an FIA official making sure that being naughty is a no no .

Pirelli tires galore.  Yes I hugged and kissed them.

There was so much that happened in 1 day, but i'll end it with a picture of dinner.  Texas BBQ brisket was the best at place that you would think you'd catch something.

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