Monday, November 12, 2012

Changing pattern

One thing i've always hated about old yellow fever and generally many of the old Mazdas, was the wheel bolt pattern that the cars were provided.  The 110 x 4 pattern is just plain horrible(what were they thinking), since it limits wheel selection to dress up the old dog.  I've been contemplating to change this and attempted rectify this.

The easiest way was to use a strut from an 84-851st gen. RX7 GSL-SE.  This was when Mazda jumped on the bandwagon and began using 114.3 x 4 pattern like many of it's rivals.  Besides being really short, the geometry of the housing resulted with a positive camber.  It can be corrected with camber plates, but you end up with literally no negative camber. Being a corolla owner, demon camber is in the blood. I needed to have some negative camber in the car.  Who knows yellow fever may see some action at the show so demon camber is a must.

My next thoughh, since I had many Corolla spares laying around let's see if I can make this work.

 After taking apart the front suspension and comparing the knuckles, it was a hopeless cause.  I was hoping using the steering knuckle from the AE86 will fit on to the S124A.  The control arm pin diameters were far a part to even attempt any kind of ghettotastic fix. 

So round 1 ended in a fail.  At least for now, for round 2 i'm thinking maybe a bit more thought will be  required.  Since i've got some TE72 control arms in storage (same as AE86) i'll have to look into making them fit.  But these will require a bit more thinking on how to approach it and how it will end up.  Maybe I should just stop while i'm ahead and play with the purple one again.

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