Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Eyes for 3

Time to change how we see things.
 A while back I picked up some used Cibie headlight housings.  During my short stint with Volvo's I found someone selling a set on the turbobricks.com forum.  They were 5-3/4 and a perfect fit for Mr. 3.

At first I thought these were H4 housings, but upon further inspection.  The whole set was H1.  Those darn French.  Didn't matter though, since they were set up to plug in just like factory.

OEM left and Cibie right
These are E-code headlights so they are different and much better than the U.S. dot specification sealed beam lights.  Even though the E-code lights are superior than the U.S. spec., they are still deemed illegal since the U.S. doesn't recognize the European regulations. 
High beam
Low beam
I just took a guess at which was going to low beam and high beam.  I guess I won't know until I drive it at night.
It seems a bit out of place with out the Mercedes Benz fog light.  But then again, i'll just have to find some yellow h1 bulbs to take it's place.
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