Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Knock sensor

Now that holiday's are over, it's about time I get back to wrenching ol' corolla.  But the deep blue sea is still on the driveway, I need to start cracking before I can start my own stuff.  Continuing my poking and prodding of blue's insides.  I see it's a hodge podge of 4A variations to make a whole, I needed to make some corrections.

On the 4AG engine, the knock sensor position is in two different locations as shown above. Since i'm dealing with a supercharge 4AG the knock sensor should be between cylinders 3 & 4.

But in blue's case, the block doesn't match the setup.  The knock sensor is placed between cylinders 2& 3.  This is fine if you're using normal aspiration.  But for supercharge application that's a no no.  The inlet elbow to the supercharger interferes with the sensor.  Though you can just call it a day and leave as is and live with the check engine light until you sell it to the next guy.  In politics, it's referred to as kicking the can down the road.  But for me I needed to get it fixed.  It just wouldn't civilized.

Gathering the pieces to the fix.  Simple enough right?  A bolt that will go into the engine block.  A nut with the same threads as the knock sensor.

Combine the two to make a simple adapter.  Add a little paint so it looks decent.

Attach to the side of the block
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