Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Easier said than done

Oceans 86 owner requested the return to service of it's power steering system.  Previously, it was decommissioned and the lines looped to prevent dirt contimation in the event of possible reactivation.  Now that time has finally arrived.  But lucky me, it wouldn't be a typical straight forward install.

Since it's not using the standard RWD 4AG accessory setup I needed to make some concessions to make it fit.  The power steering bracket is the first accessory to be installed in the Corolla GTS.  It can be installed as a stand alone option, which is held on by 3 bolts.  The next accessory would be the A/C system.  One of the A/C mounting points sits on top of the P/S mounting holes so the A/C bracket overlaps one of the P/S mounting holes so they can work in harmony.  But since i'm using a modifed  AE92 4AGZE bracket to hold the alternator, I needed to make a few alterations to the bracket to make things work.  

Took a section of the alternator bracket that interfered with the P/S bracket mounting holes.

Mocked up everything on the spare engine in the back and reattached the section I cutout so it over laps the the P/S bracket.  Now it can bolt on just like factory.  But hold on, I ain't done yet.  If you haven't notice yet, the P/S bracket looks like it lost a bit of weight.

Oceans 86 has aftermarket gauges installed, so the oil pressure sensor are not the same size as the factory.  Since P/S bracket will accomodate the OEM sensor, it's a no no for aftermarket stuff.  But there are ways of making this work for the better.

So again some slight tweaks to this bracket was necessary to make things work.

A few minutes with the cutter and grinder, and we have a nice window for sensor to poke it's head.

Freshly painted for a day at the show, or night time cruising to the meet. .  Just need to head down to the local parts store and find the right size belt for the new setup.
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