Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Old Yellow

The 'ol RX3 rarely sees the light of day ever since i've been tweaking on the Corolla.  Lately, I've been on downward spiral with the corolla, haven't driven it and rarely work on it.  It feels like writers block or something (aka lazy).   I think now is the perfect time to get something fixed that's been messed up since I took delivery of Old Yellow.

When I first got this car, in the mid 90's, the driver side window regulator has always been dodgy.  I had to improvise the window, with a bent coat hanger, since it didn't stay up.  Since these cars are really rare parts are either hard to come by or just uber expensive.

But I was lucky when I found a Mazda 808 (piston version of the RX3) at the yard a few months back.

 The bushings off the old sliders were completely disintegrated.

After a few minutes of wrestling the old one out and installing the junkyard part.  I finally, after many years, have a window that stays up on it's own and

no more coat hanger. 

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