Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Japanese theatrical release posterImage via WikipediaI over the weekend I watched Zatoichi the Blind swordsman the last in the series of movies which began in 1962. I've pretty much seen all the films and always been a fan. This was number 26 in which Shintaru Katsu played the blind hero Zatoichi for the last time. It really didn't have a feel like his earlier movies, maybe it was the music. It sound like it should have been in a blackploitation film or something. But like many of the films good ol' Ichi san fights for the weak and kills the bad guys. Though it's much more bloodier than before. Unlike previous films,  never really seen a drop of blood in the earlier movies. I guess it's the sign of times, being filmed in 1989, blood in movies was becoming more commonplace.  But if you like Zatoichi movies you can catch them on
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