Wednesday, October 5, 2011

4 weekends later

Finally completed the W58 install.  I know as I get older, things tend to slow down, but that was ridiculous.  4 freaking weeks to do?!  But then I've just being super lazy lately.  It came down to finishing the hand made bracket.  I should have been last weekend but was side tracked.  So It ended being half done. 
It's the home stretch.  Just needed to finish the other 2 legs  and it'll be ready to go.

Tacked the 3rd leg in the bracket and then removed it from the car.  Finally I don't have to repetitively keep in and out from under the car,grinding the tube and checking for fit. 

Once I got the last tube fitted, finished it off with some trimming and welding.

Added little baby gussets, cute don't you think?  I hope they work.

Removed excess paint and rust that was all over the bracket.  Getting ready for a nice coat of paint.  Wish I could keep this way nice and shiny, then who's ever going to see it.

I planned to paint it zinc, but I didn't have any. So black will be the order of the day.

It either looks like a spider or a crab that is missing 2 legs.

Finally it's in the car and functioning.  I hope it'll up to the task of all the mayhem that I'll be throwing at it.

Nearing the finish line, time to add oil and install of the shift lever.

But it's not complete with out the JDM shift handle.  Yes this shift knob was from Japan. I can probably say I'll probably be the only who will such a rare piece of Japan.  Now time to sign up for an event so I can try this beast out.
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