Sunday, August 8, 2010


When I thought all is well in the world, I get tossed curve ball. All was going to plan and I was going to have the engine dropped in and running by this weekend. Assembly was taking place during the week and I was so close to getting done. Unfortunately during the assembly of the cylinder head is where it all ended. The first step in tightening the head bolts came off without a hitch. The first 90 deg turn was beginning and by the 3rd bolt I hear a snap. And it was a loud snap, where I really thought I broke the head bolt. I thought how could that be, these were new head bolts. Yeah I know, normally i reuse bolts, but these bolts had a couple of uses so it was time for new ones. So I removed the bolt and it was good. I was like what??? So I installed another bolt and it just kept spinning. Dropped a magnet in the hole and this is what I got. So the threads on the block are done, now I wished it was the bolt that snapped. Time to find another 20v block.

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