Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ancient Blitz

Dropped by the shop over the weekend to pick up a part. I came across this little gem. Old blitz air/water intercooler setup. At first glance I thought this thing came off a Japanese Kei car like a AZ-1 Autozam or Alto Works.

The boss informed me was part of a turbo upgrade kit made by Blitz for a Toyota 3TGTE.

Here's what the 3TGTE looks like note the twin spark plugs per cylinder

Besides the KKK turbo, it also came with a mini radiator and water pump to complete the power upgrade.

Here's a better comparison on how small this intercooler really is.

But this is what I picked up at the shop, thanks Ray. Since I busted my other block the boss had another 20v engine laying around. The ube delivery vehicle will be up and running soon.

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