Monday, April 12, 2010

Anniversary time

3 years ago, 5 guys who owned Corollas decided to meet in quiet spot in Alhambra Ca. where coffee is expensive and Subway is always open. Fast forward to now, the area hasn't changed, though it's only been 3 years. But the number of owners have grown. AE86 nights has been the local hangout for the Corolla owners to share stories, conduct business and share their passion for their corollas. So after working the whole day and finishing off my taxes, it was time to drop in on the meet. It's been so long since i've been to a meet.

Here's somebody who always surprises me. Shelby A. has been a corolla guy as long as me. Though he pops up where I least expect it. One of the first guys to rock the real deal J blood aero and actually compete with it back in the day. Definitely gangster, most would have their nuts shrivel up or be cheap like me and buy a cheesy knock off. It's good to see he still owns his corolla.

I was impressed by the amount stuff that was for sale. Alot of good parts were for sale, not alot of the beat up crap. I didn't get any prices so I don't know if it had health care initial d tax added.

But leave the 4AC stuff in the closet.

I was trying to control myself and not buy this stuff.

The big catch of the day was somebody rolling in with a black hatchback for sale. Though it was odd that the guy who drove it in was wearing a racing suit, I couldn't make out the name very well, but I think his name was Hat Strickland.

The event was so popular that even a Professional Bull Rider (PBR) represented. I'm sure he can do a rodeo drift, that will put everyone to shame.

Shirts were selling like hot cakes that people couldn't keep their hands off them. I had to get one for myself before it's all gone. But where's the hatchback?

Advan A3A, used to own a bunch of these years ago.

Being that the car is already 25 years old, probably older than most owners that were present at the meet. Thanks to the guys at AE86 Nights for their dedication and passion for corolla and keeping the spirit for AE86 alive and well.

The rest of the pics are here.


Jonny Mac said...

Dood, if you go again, give me a call and I'll tag along.

...I miss my corolla...

Alex5 said...

I didn't think of you as a "meet" kind of person.