Sunday, July 23, 2017

AE86 Tech #86-34: Proper closure

Like all things Corolla, stuff keeps wearing out and parts keep getting more expensive and harder to obtain new.  Door hinges are just an example.  Years of use, the bushings wear out and the door slowly begins it’s sag until it becomes difficult to open and starts to close.  Let’s try and remedy.
I swapped out the doors, so this would be a good chance to share.  I didn’t like the doors that came with the car, I’ll be swapping them with the doors from Barney, which I had stashed in the back taking way too much space.  This can be done with the fender on it’ll just be a tad difficult. 
This is a bit of an extreme example, but as you can see the doors are way out of alignment.  Out of alignment  makes it very difficult to open and close.  This can also result in broken door handles, since most people are unaware that lifting the door puts lots of stress on the handle.
This by all means is a simple ghetto fix, for those fanboys on a budget or will hold on to it for 3 years then sell for an ‘upgrade’.  If you want it done right, get new door hinges. 
Leave the door slightly open and slip a floor jack underneath the door edge for support.
Loosen up the 4 bolts attaching the hinge to the body.  Once loosened, lift up with the jack until the latch is slightly higher than the door striker.  Snug down one bolt from each hinge just enough for the door to stay in position.  Just enough torque to hold up the door position, but just loose enough to move the door with applied force.  It may take a couple tries, until you get a feel of how much to tighten down the bolt.  I didn’t see an advantage on which bolt to tighten, but I prefer doing the top bolt on each hinge.
Once you’ve perfected your technique, remove  the jack from underneath the door.  Move the door in closing position and check for alignment.  Ideal would be the door lining up with the striker.  If the door is slightly higher than the striker, that’s fine.  This is where you’ll be tested grasshopper. 
Tap on the top edge of the door (with hand, deadblow, or sledgehammer).  If you done it right, it should move.  Keep tapping until you line up the door latch with the door striker.  If you go to far, go back and repeat.
Once lined up, the door shall open with the slight lift of the handle.  Like a feather being lifted up by the breeze, not really.

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