Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Need more lines


Out here in the west, there’s not much use for the defroster but it’s always nice to have.   As cars age, some of  the lines on the defroster end up not working either due to deterioration, or  from damage.  So you end up with a rear window that look more like horizontal racing stripe which is barely enough to see through.  But let’s get that corrected.


Local parts store has a kit to deal with such problems, and so I decided may as well try it out.  Having no clue if it’ll work.  Though there’s a few reviews and diy’s online that show what to do and how it works.

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Besides the kit, a OHM meter is needed to test each line to determine the broken lines.  Once we found, the fixing can begin.


One I did change from the original kit,was to toss the supplied template and improvising my own.


Since the lines are thin, it’s best to use painters tape mask the areas you need

Had to wait a few mornings to finally use the defrosters again.  Out of all the lines I fixed (about 6), only 2 needed to be checked and redone.  Not bad for a first try.