Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Just a drizzle


As much as I like this Mercedes AMG Petronas umbrella, I thought it would be sitting in the display after it’s first and only use in Austin.  Since this is Socal, there’s not much use for rain gear.  So when the opportunity to attend a Formula D event, with a possibly of rain.  Just couldn’t pass that up to watch some drifiting use this high performance umbrella.

I don’t really attend many FD events anymore, the last time I was at Long Beach was to crew for Taka and his Flying 86 2 years ago.

IMG_20160409_121420_807As this monsoon soaked the streets of Long Beach, the high horsepower behemoths that usually rules the roster pretty much were subdued to shivering chihuahuas.  Hmm the perfect equalizer for the lowly yet capable corolla.  Too bad they’ve pretty much been ruled out of being competitive.


  It was still quite entertaining to see big cars struggle for traction in this type of enviroment even if there’s no Corolla.  In between all the rain and sliding cars,  a visit to brew house Rock Bottom and hanging out with the cosmonaut made the rest of the day more enjoyable.  Good times. 

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