Monday, February 8, 2016


sevenstock 18_11-07-15_113If you’ve watched a youtube channel called wasabi cars you’ll know what i’m talking about when you see this car.  But if you’re not and too lazy to check, it’s an australian living in Japan who’s hobby is searching and documenting derelict Japanese cars, that are slowly rusting away.  But would I have never guessed that a car, like the ones in his videos would show up on this side of the pacific. 

sevenstock 18_11-07-15_115

This gem is the real deal, not only is it a wasabi green, it’s right hand drive Japanese car.  We know it here as the RX2, but in Japan it’s called the Capella.  I wonder why it was rescued from the Japanese elements?  I’m sure the restoration would be just as much if not more than the cost to buy an import. 

sevenstock 18_11-07-15_114

The rest of the car doesn’t look as bad as the hood, i’d rock it just the way it sits.  Patina friends

sevenstock 18_11-07-15_116

Cool to see a car rescued from the Japanese elements.  Starting a new life out here in the dry and rust free west.

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