Sunday, December 13, 2015

Buying a Palm Springs AE86

f build_09-29-15_32

I used to comment, about never getting cars from Oakland, now I should add Palm Springs to that list.  It shouldn’t be no surprise, as the AE86 is traded hands by many bandwagon enthusiasts.  Cars are violated modified by many hands.   With a unique set of problems, I think this is only the beginning.

This owner purchased the car by a young enthusiast in Palm Springs.  A test drive revealed a crazy amount of noise in the rear axle.  Disassembly revealed a bad ring and pinion, from a botched up differential rebuild, and axle bearings that were pretty much toast.


Further inspection of the axle bearings, show they are mismatched (notice axle on the right in the above photo).  Not sure what was really going on here, just looked like some meth induced hack job.

f build_10-06-15_44

Everything is looking good so far.  Notice anything different, me neither.

f build_10-06-15_43

That’s until I attempted to install the axle bearing.  Did I break the axle? 

f build_10-06-15_46

Really?  I can only speculate on what happened.  For whatever reason, the axle shaft was worn down to a point of being undersized, that the original bearing can’t be fitted.  So the fix was to install a bearing of the wrong size by shimming it with this sleeve.  Unfortunately, this axle is done.  It can be fixed, but it will probably cost quite a bit of meth money to get fixed. 

I guess I shouldn’t be so surprised.  But then again I like these surprises.   


Captain Picard, not so much.

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