Sunday, September 20, 2015

It’s bent


As greater number of fans/drivers acquire the most sacred Corolla GT-S.  Parts are becoming more and more scarce.  One such part are the rear end axles.  What to do when one gets bent?

Since these pieces are rare and command a high price in the used market, my pack mentality is always to save it for later as a backup.  But from what I’ve seen over the years, parts have either been thrown away, or sold off to unsuspecting individuals.


I’ve been sitting on this bent back up for a while (top axle).  I checked to see how much it would cost to bend it back, and decided it was more than what it was worth.  Since I got my own press why not try it myself.  Got nothing to lose.

This axle was over an 1/8th inch off, the maximum deflection according to the factory manual is .032”.  So I really wasn’t going to be using this piece, unless it was worse case scenario. 


Didn’t have a proper rig to set this up, so just make do with what I have on hand.


Since I don’t do this for a living and lack the proper tools, lots of patience was required to get it straight.  After numerous tries, I got it down to a respectable number of .018”, that is way under the max of .032”.  Yes I did taken into account an extra .010” since I’m using a chinese dial indicator.  That still keeps me at .028”, still under the .032” max.

I’ll still keep this as a backup axle.  Now I should buy up the bent up axles that were probably going to be trashed so I can keep them in the back too.

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Dennis USDM AE86 said...

I came up with another way of checking if the axle is bent. If the bearing is still there, you can clamp it down on that, put your mouth around the axle and turn it. If it hits your lips, it's bent. If it makes your head move up and down, it's really bent. If it makes you choke, you're just being a horn dog and deep throating it.