Sunday, February 8, 2015

AE86 tech #86-31: Idler bearings

Those who still rock the power steering, there will come a time when the idler pulley will finally give in to age.  I rarely see these things go, i've only had 1 go out since the owner ship to silver moon.  It used to be I can find a spare at the yard.  Nowadays not so much.  But don't chuck the system just yet.

Simplest was to replace it with a different pulley.  The one on the left was from a 4AGZE engine.  But I prefer having the car correct and original.  This was used so that the other can rebuilt.

After some checking on the part number, the bearings are still used on some kawasaki/ honda all terrain vehicles.  So they're quite abundant and not hard to find, thank you china

Since the silver moon was in no shape to be fo' sho', didn't do too much to make it pretty.  Just brushed off the dirt and got it ready for assembly.

This project could probably have been done with a vise and some creativity, but I leave it up to the trusty harbor freight press to do all my bidding.

After assembly it's a stake the pulley to make sure the bearing does not go anywhere.

Test driving with a lot of corners to make sure the power steering system is up to the punishment.  Please note that these are not my tire marks.

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Anonymous said...

Hey what's the bearing part number? Is it the one on the title of the blog? I'm having the same issue on my ae86 ps idler pulley.

Also did you use specialty ring pliers to get at the bearing? There's a metal locking ring over it. I've never done this before so thats why i ask for my detailed instructions. Thanks.