Monday, May 5, 2014

Working with fiberglass (again)

 A couple years ago a side skit demolished at a local event battle. Me being cheap tried to fix it rather than throw it away.  This was the end result.  Not so pretty, but not too shabby for a rookie.  Now I want to try my hand a fiberglass work again and make it right this time.

It took a few days to get it right but I am happy with the result.  I think Yoda would have been proud.  Since I got so into the work and it was quite messy that I didn't take much pictures. 

 All painted and looking quite pretty.  It's the only part of the car that looks spiffy.  I'll have to paint the whole car again.

 Since I still had the resin and matting out, may as well fix a hood that also seen it's fair share fights. 

Lot of the seams were cracked, so it made the hood quite flimsy.  I had quite a few areas to cover to try and regain the rigidity.

I used anything I found in the back to keep pressure on the hood skeleton so that it would keep it's shape.

The job finally complete.  I didn't bother working on dolling up the outside of the hood since it's got a patina that needed to remain the same.  Even though it was my third attempt at fiberglass work, I'm pretty much satisfied how both parts turned out.

I won't have to throw away anymore parts.

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