Monday, January 27, 2014

Online buying

*Just another rant* Even though there's tons of info the net for even a child to build a corolla, it just amazes me that they're still people doing rookie mistakes.  This axle was bought online by a customer and sent to me for inspection.  Just like many used parts on the net, it was advertised in great shape.  First thing I notice was this flange.  It should be completely flat. What I suspect is the amateurs installed this non lsd into a lsd rear end.  If you do your net research you would know that the axle needs to be cut down for it to fit properly, or the bearing will protrude slight.  Here the previous owner not know what they were doing, forced the flange over the bearing protrusion and pretty much bent up the flange.  If they ran the car like that, there is a possibility they also damaged the LSD.  Hmm buyer beware when that thing comes up for sale it's in' great shape'.
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