Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Red dog do you read?

The red starlet is still here baking in the socal weather.  Still quite a ways from being completed.  I still have many things that needed to be done.  Though I was able to tackle a them the past couple of weekends.  Like making a hole for the relocated transmission shifter.

Since the T-50 transmission shifter sits back from the original K-50, a hole and cover plate was needed.

Yes I draw perfect circles.

And I cut out perfect circles with an angle grinder but I don't drink dos equis, I prefer stella.

A couple of tack welds and it's pretty much done.  Also installed the T-50 shifter mount.  Though I should have made the hole bigger, it was quite a pain to install the mount, since access to the mounting holes were difficult.  Though it does look nice and tidy there.

 Got around to buying a battery and had it fitted in it's new mounting bracket.  Looks very factory don't you think?
Even got around to mounting the ecu.  Since there's no a/c evaporator, installation was a breeze.  The relay on the side of the ecu is for the fuel pump.  Cause I like everything to run like factory. 

The exhaust was another story, and I won't bore you with the crappy details.

Pretty much everything was ready to fire up, but the fuel tank with it's crappy old fuel gummed up the fuel pick up.  So the tank needed to be dropped to clear it up.  Good times.
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